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MauiGames and submissions information:
David Fradin, MauiGames

MauiGames Launches Worldwide Talent Hunt
for Video Game Developers, Programmers, Creative Artists

MauiGames, funded by the Maui Aloha Investment Fund LLC, Seeks Top-Notch
Talent to Staff the Hawaiian Video Game Development Competition's
Winning Game Plans

Maui, Hawaii, July 16, 2002 -- MauiGames, funded by the Maui Aloha Investment Fund LLC, today launched a worldwide talent hunt for professional game developers, programmers and creative artists, to participate in the development of electronic video games.

The announcement, which comes after the selection of game plan finalists, represents the next major development in the Hawaii International Video Game Development Competition.

"In March we held a call for video game development plans; by mid-June we had reviewed all submissions, narrowed the Competition, and are presenting the concepts to major game publishers,” said David Fradin, Managing Director, MauiGames. “We are now moving forward with the Worldwide Talent Hunt, to identify and recruit the high-caliber talent and experience needed to staff the game development teams," said Fradin.

Worldwide Talent Hunt Submissions Process
Participants should go to and submit information regarding their game development skills and experience. The Talent Hunt is looking for individuals and/or organizations that are currently in Hawaii, used to be in Hawaii and/or would like to be in Hawaii. MauiGames will then match talent hunt participants with the needs of development teams.

About MauiGames Corporation
MauiGames, funded by The Maui Aloha Investment Fund LLC, is an electronic game production company using Hawaii based artistic and programming talent to design and develop A class games for multiple platforms.

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