MauiGames is always on the look out for new and exciting game ideas. It is our intention to work with individuals to help them polish their concepts, secure funding and ultimately put together a first class team to develop the idea.

Game development will be done primarily in Hawaii - we are continuously seeking talented individuals who would like to join us out here and have the drive, dedication and desire to create awesome games. If you are planning to submit a game design and/or are interested in joining a development team, please fill out the form below.

Game concept submissions should include as much information as possible, ideally containing such items as:

    1. Game concept: How it is played? Mechanics?
    2. Any aspects of the idea which are notably unique
    3. Prototype if available
    4. Concept Art
    5. Market information if available: Size, Competition
    6. Development Plan and Issues
    7. Development Team Capabilities and Experience
    8. Resources Required: Additional Skill Sets, Hardware, Software

Submissions remain the property of the proposer until an agreement is reached including financial arrangements.
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